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 Classic Venetian Plaster and Caenstone

June 19th&20th

Price: $495

Venetian Plaster is quite simply the layering of different colored plasters applied so that a basecoat of several different opaque colors are left to bleed into each other. These different colors are then allowed to show through a highly polished translucent finished coat of plaster.

The result is a finish which at first glance looks slightly rough and mottled, however when touched the surface is actually smooth and reflective as glass.

Caenstone is a troweled on masonry finish that was popular in theaters and very high end residences in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Many interesting patterns can be carved or stenciled out of this great finish. Caenstone has mica specs that sparkle with beautiful elegance.

This is a great price for a great class! Inquire by calling 718-361-1071 or email at info@miragefinishes.com

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 Textural Finishes featuring Lusterstone

July24th &25th

Price: $595

Lusterstone is a decorative architectural coating which produces beautiful natural reflective stone patterns. It comes in 40 brilliant colors and has a beautiful sparkle that creates stunning results.

Lusterstone is a very forgiving product, the application may be stopped and continued at any time with no need to keep a wet edge. It can be applied to most surfaces and no burnishing is required.

Lusterstone can be troweled or brushed on and can produce a variety of dull or high sheen dimensional finishes. The other finishes we will cover in this class are Aqua stone, Plastertex, Aquatex, Softex, and Sandstone. This is one class you should not miss!

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 Dimensional Finishes

August 28th &29th

Price: $595

The dimensional finishes class covers an array of techniques. There is a demand for high quality finishes and the possibilities are endless. Mirage Studios is here to serve you and give you the instruction you need to start being more creative in your faux finishes.

This class will cover some basics such as what products you will need to create certain finishes and the correct tools and application you will need to begin.

Some of the finishes we cover include glazing techniques such as ragging, rag-rolling, faux leather, tone-on-tone effect, crackle, stria, parchment paper, basic wood graining, custom imprints and more! We also cover cost estimating and the business aspects of decorative painting.

Learn the skills to create subtle to dramatic finishes that will bring depth and character to your rooms! Inquire by calling (718)361-1071 or Email:info@miragefinishes.com

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